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Pendragon Interviews Operation Everlasting Shadow, Part 1
hl2c_articles - Pendragon's Interview with mrBadger of Operation Everlasting Shadow | Posted by Pendragon on Feb 03rd 04 03:57 PM
Pendragon: Well, let's start with a basic overview of the project, for those who haven't heard about it yet.

mrBadger: Well, Operation Everlasting Shadow, to me, is all about giving the player as much freedom as possible to do what they want, within the game environment, and subject to practical limits. In a sense, our design philosophy is similar to what Far Cry is promising: Action bubble moments, giving the player as much freedom as possible, to complete certain objectives.

Pendragon: Can you give us an example of that?

mrBadger: Well, in a hypothetical situation, where the player would be charged with infiltrating a certain building, which of course is populated by a rather irate security force, the player would be allowed to get into the building by any means they can find... through vents etc, disabling security cameras, straight-out fighting, infiltrating without causing any damage, picking off people one by one, or even climbing up onto the roof, and completely skipping as many enemies as possible, and then opening a skylight, and dropping in to accomplish their objective.

Pendragon: With that gameplay background in mind, can you tell us about the story and how it will set up such gameplay?

mrBadger: Well, basically, Operation Everlasting Shadow sets you firmly in the boots of Agent 151, Black Operative Agent. For those who don't know, the BlackOps were charged by some unseen force to clean up the Black Mesa disaster, and the mess the Marines had made. Of course, being an Agent, he wouldn't be forced into completing objectives the way higher command wants him too... but maybe after a while, higher command becomes irrelevant.

Pendragon: Can you tell us anything about how that will fit into the game's story? Or rather, can you tell us how that will affect what we do?

mrBadger: In a way yes . . . the story drives the objectives and plot, but you are allowed, nay, encouraged to make your own way in the game world, play along with the story, and behave like you see fit so you feel like an actor starring in your own film, if I may borrow a bad analogy

Pendragon: I was thinking more about what sort of objectives we might need to accomplish--i.e., will we need to do something like the BlackOps' Black Mesa cleansing, or something connected to that?

mrBadger: the Story of OES runs parallel to that of Half Life 2, and therefore takes place in the same time frame and you can expect objectives like assasination of powerful individuals, little objectives like getting people on side for events later on, infiltration.. and a few more that I can't reveal like now.

Pendragon: How do you know enough about HL2's storyline to write a mod around it?

mrBadger: We don't, to be honest. We know enough from what Valve have released. I freely admit that a lot of the writing may have to be changed at HL2's release.

Pendragon: What sort of weapons and tools we will be able to use?

mrBadger: Well, the items we're prepared to reveal are in the Public Design Document.

S&W SWAT Tactical Knife

H&K G36 Commando Submachine gun

H&K USP Tactical Silenced Pistol

H&K PSG1 Sniper Rifle

Rigel 3300 Night Vision Goggles

--Added here for your convenience.

Pendragon: How will a game like OES control? Offering such a broad range of options and still feeling fluid must be difficult.

mrBadger: Well, as the mod is in it's concept stage, you must understand that things like control systems are being thought of, but can't really be tested...

Pendragon: I certainly can. With such an ambitious project, what is the workload for team members? Are you looking for new ones?

mrBadger: Well, the workload is high on most of the team members. We are looking for skilled animators, who we would require to lend fluid animation to the characters we want to include.

Pendragon: Speaking of characters, can you tell us who, besides 151, we might see in OES?

mrBadger: Well, I can confirm the following:

Operative 89. 151's female partner; she is strong willed and a highly skilled combatant.

Agent 572 (dead)

- Low-level Agent

- Died in Alaska, recovery of data necessary

Agent 117 (MIA)

- Medium level Agent

- Missing Presumed Dead

- Only witness to Agent 572's death

- Evidence of continued existence necessary

There will however be many more characters you will meet along the way, including someone very special.

Pendragon: A love interest, perhaps?

mrBadger: Indeed, and that’s all I'm going to say on that matter for now.

Pendragon: I'll let that fly for now then. Can you tell us when you plan to have the mod complete (after HL2)?

mrBadger: We're aiming for September 30th 2005, but it may well slip. ;)

Pendragon: I can't wait. Is there anything else you'd like to tell our audience today?

mrBadger: Not much, except to say that we intend to give you guys the greatest experience possible. Thank you very much for interviewing me Pendragon.

Pendragon: And thank you for talking to me, mrBadger.

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