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An interview with In Charge
hl2c_articles - We interviewed JustinCase of In Charge to find out more about the mod | Posted by Psycho_byte on Nov 03rd 03 04:12 PM
To comemorate the opening of In Charges site here at hl2central, we interviewed them to find out a little more about their mod

HL2central: Please introduce yourself and explain your role with Incharge

Hi, my name is Sebastian and my pseudonym is Nightowl aka JustinCase. I’m the founder, leader, designer and concept artist of In Charge.

HL2central: Have you worked on any mods before, if so what were they?

I have followed a lot of hl1 mods and helped Russian front with some small stuff, but no, not really.

HL2central: Where did the inspiration for your mod come from?

The most obvious sources for inspiration are obviously the game Starcraft and the mod Natural selection. But others are Total annihilation, Ghost recon, Close combat and many others.

HL2central: Obviously you are a new mod on the hl2 scene, so could you briefly describe to the viewers your storyline

Well, it’s set in the far future. 3 superpowers are colonising space, the US, a European coalition army and the Japanese army. You play as the Japanese. The US and the European army will not be in the game however, but instead 2 new races that have been encountered during the colonisation of space. I don’t have names for them yet, but one side is high-tech, and the other fights with teeth and claws and none of them like each other or humans.

HL2central: Can we expect to see both single player and multiplayer game modes?

No, this mod is only multiplayer.

HL2central: With the exception of your own mod, which is your favourite?

Entropy looks very promising, and citizen-132. Many more, too be honest I haven’t been following the mod scene that good.

HL2central: Do you plan to optimise the vehicle coding, if so, what kind of vehicles can we expect to see from incharge?

Yes vehicle coding will be optimised. You will see helicopter gun ships, tanks, halftracks, alien hover vehicles, weird crablike tanks and a lot more.

HL2central: What features do you feel will make your mod stand out from the crowd?

The 1st person/ RTS thing has been done before, but not together with AI-squads. There will be a lot of huge maps, as large as possible, and bases with real-sized buildings. One player will be commander, and the other players will either be pilots and drivers for the vehicles, or squad leaders, with a number of bots that they order around. The bots does only take order from their own squad leader, and the player can also take personal control of each bot if he wishes. The squads will be from 3-4 men and up to perhaps 10. So the core concept of the game is how you control your troops. The commander worries about the players, and the players worry about the bots.
There will be 3 very different races; hopefully all three will be enjoyable. One of the races will have psychic powers; there will be a morale system and much more.

HL2central: Are there any plans to release content on the original hl1 engine?

No, this mod has nothing to do with hl1.

HL2central: If someone is interested in joining incharge, I dare say you have capacity for more staff members, how should they go about applying?

They should write me, and tell me a bit about themselves and show some previous work. Then if I think they are interesting I will start a dialogue with them. I only want European members (or African I guess) because of the time zone difficulties that otherwise occur. A mod that I have followed a long time, Russian front, has had a lot of problems because their team is spread all over the world.

HL2central: Valve has mentioned on numerous occasions that the possibility of following in cs, dod's footsteps in going retail is much greater, would you take advantage of this opportunity?

I think so, yes. Depends on the circumstances of course.

HL2central: On completion of the mod, what sort of updates can we expect to see?

Well, ironing out bugs and balancing the game will take a number of updates I guess. I have a lot of stuff planned for beta 1; maybe some of it will have to wait for the second release because it’s so much. We might also include more countries, but for starters I guess we will leave it to the fans to create packs with new models, skins, voices etc to create new countries. Then we can have battles with humans vs humans. Some of the stuff from beta 1 will perhaps disappear; it’s all very abstract though, since all this is so very far ahead.

HL2central: How realistic can we expect your mod to be, and is this a main priority?

Since it takes place in the future, with aliens and futuristic equipment, it can’t be that realistic I guess. However, it will be as realistic as possible for humans. For example, you wont be able to run for too long without getting tired, you wont be able to bunny-jump(humans might not be able to jump at all) you can only take a few hits etc.

HL2central: Do you have any concept art for us to check out

Well I have a lot actually, but most of it is very rough and not very kind on the eyes. I give you these 5 “refined” images for now. Thx a lot for the interview and I’m looking forward to future cooperation with hl2central.

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