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An interview with battle for baghdad
hl2c_articles - Several months ago i was posed with the opportunity to interview Battle for Baghdad, exclusives within. | Posted by Psycho_byte on Nov 02nd 03 06:23 AM
Several months ago i had the opportunity to interview wormie, leader of battle for baghdad on the progress of his mod, for certain reasons which will remain private this has been unpostable till now.

Psycho_byte: Could you give us a brief outline of the story in "Battle for Baghdad"?

wormie: Basically our mod follows the Coalition made up for American, Australian, and British forces
as they Push across Iraq and over Iraqi Forces into the heart of Baghdad.

Psycho_byte: Where did the inspiration for such a mod come about?

wormie:There is only one person who can answer that... the original leader SoApY and he had the following to say... "Well it all started when I saw
some footage of a battle on TV that took place on two sides of a bridge..." SoApY got the idea for BFB on the BF1942 engine it was basically going to be
a DC "expansion"

Psycho_byte: What attracted your team the most to the source engine?

wormie:We switched from the BF1942 Engine after a few months because we realized how much Half-Life 2 had to offer...

Psycho_byte: What key features do you feel will make your mod stand out from the rest?

wormie:I believe we are the only mod at the moment with a Pilot Class.

Psycho_byte: If the option was available to you would you like to see BFB go retail?

wormie:That'd be great... it will always be free and available to anyone who can download it but it'd be great to have it available to those
unfortunate 56kers.

Psycho_byte: Can we expect to see optimization of the vehicle code in your mod?

wormie:So far we are planning to have EVERYTHING from the war in Iraq... so you will see a lot of vehicles. We will be setting them up as best as possible,
you will see a good amount of vehicles in every map.

Psycho_byte: Will battle for Baghdad be single or multiplayer?

wormie:Multiplayer and Possibly a single player release later on.... if mp is a success.

Psycho_byte: How can we expect to obtain weapons in the finished version? (E.g. pickup/purchase)

wormie:Well there will be a class selection setup but you will be able to drop and pick up weapons and the AT4's and RPG's
will be on the ground or on vehicle racks. And I can tell you right now there will be a large variety of weapons, due to the fact that
we will have Americans, Australians, British, and Iraqi Forces.

Psycho_byte: Will there be a variety of multiplayer game modes or is the mod tied to death match playing-styles?

wormie:There will be a couple of game modes, possibly as many as maybe 4 or 5.

Psycho_byte: Is your team currently looking for recruits, if so how can they apply?

wormie:Yes we are in every field. They can contact us at #bfbmod on gamesnet or contact me on AIM at xxwormiexx.

Psycho_byte: Can we expect to see the BFB team encouraging the setting up of leagues and custom mapping for your mod?

wormie:Well, not sure about leagues at the moment, and for custom mapping generally it finds itself into every mod.

Psycho_byte: Other than your own mod, which would you consider your favourite of the moment?

wormie:Navy Seals :: Preemptive Operations looks pretty awesome.

Psycho_byte: We have seen the bad effects of unmet deadlines, can we expect release dates from your mod, or will we receive the famous "when it’s done" statement?

wormie:Personally the unmet deadlines just piss me off... therefore I myself will not give you a date unless I know I can damn well meet it.

Psycho_byte: And finally upon completion of your mod can we expect new features from updates or are they intended to be bug fixes only?

wormie: Well... as more information comes out about the war and what not we will add to the game... also there would probly be updated models and stuff like that as we go along
and new objective maps.

We would like to thank BFB for their participation in this interview and the work in progress exclusives:

The mods homepage will be available soon.

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