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DvS's Interview with Umbra Pax
hl2c_articles - An interesting talk with TK-421 | Posted by DvS on Oct 17th 03 06:38 PM
I metaphorically sat down with Raymond "TK-421" Rokamp, project leader and founder of the total conversion Umbra Pax and briefly asked him a few questions.

What is the basic concept of Umbra Pax? Who thought of it?

The most basic way I can label it is: A tactical FPS in a futuristic setting. It is my “brainchild”. I am an active FPS gamer and during a clan war I got thinking about the need to have an interface to coordinate tactics. It evolved from there. Since then I have noticed that the mod Natural Selection (nice mod) has some of the elements that I wished to incorporate. It is purely coincidental however.

What is the basic premise for the mods single player? What is the story?

We are still working on the story elements. But I can tell you to expect a mission structure in the style of a game like “Raven Shield”. Meaning that the missions themselves will be pure combat. The “story” will unfold through briefings and “idle time” on the base.

If you had to pick one favorite concept or feature, what would it be?

Hmmm… Hard to pick one. I really like the “Tactical Command View” that we are planning. Though I don’t want to go into details just yet. ;) A close second is our Dropship.

With alot of mods already setting sail, what would you say sets you apart from them?

Hopefully our quality will set us apart from the rest. It wont be easy. Plenty of promising mods out there.

At the going rate, could you estimate the time that Stormforge Development needs to release it's first beta?

We hope to have a playable multiplayer demo or “beta” ready six months after we get the SDK.

Do you intend to publicize your first few betas or will it be in-house until fully playable?

Has yet to be decided. Leaning towards keeping it private until we are comfortable with the quality.

How is your communication with the team? Any disagreements?

No disagreements. Though we do have some discussions about game elements because we all feel passionate about the project.

Could you describe a regular day for you as a modder?

Well in my case its all about staring at our internal forum and making sure that the team is focussed. When I feel “inspired” I work away on our design document.

Will you be going for more open style maps or urban combat?


I see you've already set your concept and have a lot of features planned out, How long did this take?

We have been working on Umbra Pax since July. The pace was slow at first but we are really picking up speed. We really want to have as much ready as possible for the release of the SDK. I am really pleased with the effort our team as put into this project so far.

I see you have a really large and qualified roster, are all of these people working on Umbra Pax? If so, how can you need more then that?

Yes everyone on our member list on our website are involved in creating Umbra Pax is some way or another. Due to the sheer scale of our project we will need plenty of talent working on “content”. That’s models, textures and levels… That sort of thing.

Thank you Raymond.

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