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Pinback's 10 questions with: Chaos Ops
hl2c_articles - The first of many Interviews by Pinback | Posted by Pinback on Sep 20th 03 09:08 AM
The first of many of my series of interviews!

I scored an interview with IceCube of ChaosOps. My questions are in bold, and his answers are in italics.

Can you just give us a brief overview of the story?

I’m sorry not to answer this question directly so i hope you’re comfortable about reading the source of the story here:

Who was the author of the story?

I (IceCube) wrote the initial story at the beginning of the mod, and Shogun has helped me improve it afterwards.

How are you feeling about the mod as of right now?

I’ve got a generally a pretty good feeling about this mod. We've managed to model a lot of the planned models, and we’ve got a lot of pretty good ideas on the team right now.

Are there any specific goals that you are aiming to complete in finishing CO?

I’m afraid you’ll have to see that in the final release but i can mention a few: A very varied movement engine allowing players to perform very complex movements, dynamic weapons attachments, a story mode multiplayer and a game play system that rewards tactical play as the primary way of scoring points/winning.

A usual question: any special features that you think will please the public?

Yeah. We’ve got the largest weapons arsenal EVER implemented into ANY game in history. The planned weapon count is somewhere around 70 and 90 weapons. The rest of the details are featured along in this interview. Other than that, you will see a lot of other details along this interview that will pretty much fill in the details of this question.

Are there any special features that YOU are looking forward to?

I myself am pretty much looking forward to the team structure of the game. The way campaigns are handled, the vast array of weapons, and pretty much the scalability of this mod. You can pretty much read up on the internal team and scoring system here:

How is the relationship between the team members? Is there communication of one type or another every day?

The team has worked together pretty nicely with minimal friction and most of us are always online on mIRC #chaos-ops on, and we’ve got our trusty forums where there are always some activity.

Are you looking for more team members? If so, what in particular? Coders? Modelers?

Were still looking for Animators and Mappers and another skinner so i can relieve the high volume of work currently relying on our current skinners. But generally, if anyone believes they might have a valuable skill that will fit into the team in any of the branches, contact us. We are also looking for news-hounds, community helpers whose primary task is to spread our news on to other sites. This is not time consuming and not very demanding. Read more here:

How is the mod different from Counter-Strike? Other than with more explosions, of course.

Where CS left we will continue. CS is a sh*t mod when coming to realism. ChaosOps will focus on all those small and big details that add up realistic game play. Weapons can be fitted with special gear; all players can buy armor, gear that will be seen on their body. Secondly, this game will be based on campaigns rather than rounds. Campaigns are missions, that are longer than a regular CS objective, and where players spawn continually until the objective is met. When the objective is met, you’re transported to the next map. Listing up everything that is going to differ, will take quite some time, but be sure as hell this game will not even be close to CS. Were as said, working very hard to get the details balanced nicely into game play, mapping the functions of the human body and surroundings into the game, its all about the small things.

After HL2 comes out, how long do you think the mod will be in production for?

We will continue working on the mod till its close perfection. And as long as there are specific issues pointed out by the community that are generally agreed upon to be implemented, as long as its in the spirit of realistic game play, we will continue working on it.

Thank you, IceCube!


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