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Project Safan Revisited
hl2c_articles - An interview with BadBruzer: leader of HL2 mod Project Safan | Posted by Pinback on Aug 24th 03 04:55 PM
<Pinback> First, can you just give us a basic outline of the story in Project Safan?

<BadBruzer[PS]> It takes place in modern day when the worlds worst nightmare happens and an alien invasion takes place, but a threat of a nuclear attack scares aliens away. Although the aliens were gone they behind an infection which is caused by even a scratch, and it mutates the humans into a creature that's objective is to spread and while there is the infected there is also stranded aliens left behind that will cause trouble. You are a rich man who saves his family life and get out of the town called Boone. In the meantime you will meet friends and family in the town who will help you on your journey.

<Pinback> Where did you get the name "Project Safan"?

<azz0r> Project Safan cropped into my head during the first draft me and bruzer did. We were talking about the aliens and what kind of name the humans would nickname them, for some strange reason I envisioned a huge muscly peanut headed thing saying SAFAN really slow and deep. From there we agreed it would be a cool working title name.

<Pinback> Were there any particular mods or stories that gave you the ideas for this mod?

<azz0r>Not at all, it was all thought up during the first draft me and Bruzer did. We decided we could really make a decent horror modification using Half Life 2, we said we'd meet up and chat about it - I said Id thought about it before hand but really hadn't, from there just talking to bruzer helped me roll out a plot and I'm sure in the back of my mind I was reeling ideas off that other mods/films/books had give me. I'm a big Stephen king fan, so the mod features a lot of parallels to his best book; desperation. If I had to throw out and honorable mentions it would be to the Natural Selection team, they're class A at showing what a modification team can pull off..

<Pinback> What are some of your goals for the public in completing this mod?

<BadBruzer[PS]> Well our main focus at the moment is making a great single player mod that will be the most horrific experience yet to gamers. Our smaller idea at the moment is we are going to possibly planning a teamplay and co-op mode to add to the experience of the mod.

<Pinback> How will Project Safan be different from, say, Resident Evil: The Escape for HL1?

<BadBruzer[PS]> Well in like Resident Evil and its mods it's more of a puzzle game and you rely a lot on weapons to stay alive. In Project Safan we want to make the people think before shooting. For example in points of the game you will not have a lot of ammo to destroy say a rogue or elite you will have to run from it or find a resource to use against it.

<Pinback> What do you think stands out most in your mod?

<BadBruzer[PS]> I think that our story sticks out most. Because in most games or mods you play an ex-cop/military personnel in our mod you will use an everyday normal rich person. Another thing that makes our story stick out is we win the battle against aliens but the war isn't over because of infections still going, and with the infected instead of just being lifeless zombies they are strong faster and smarter than the normal human and the mutation makes them more powerful as time passes.

<Pinback> Are there any special features in your mod that you think will especially please the public?

<BadBruzer[PS]> I think they thing public will like the most is the thinking and strategy that will need to take place in the mod to survive, and that it won't be another shoot-em-up horror game.

<Pinback> This question has been asked before, but do you think that you will release a retail version of Project Safan?

<BadBruzer[PS]> Yes, If we got a good offer to make it retail we would because it would get the mod more appreciation and more people will be able to experience the mod.

<Pinback> I notice that you have a variety of weapons in this mod. Are you going to use HL1's way of keeping every weapon that you get, or are you going to stick with HL2's way, which seems to be having a melee, a pistol, and a main weapon? Or is there some other way that you are planning?

<azz0r> Nothings really confirmed but I'm a strong believer in limiting the player's resources to get the best out of them. I really don't think giving a player every weapon is realistic, so I do believe we will follow the method of two main weapons and a few melee attacks with fists or a shovel. It should be a strategic thing really; the player should weigh up which resource means more to them; a shotgun or a shovel and pistol - the shotgun will run out of bullets, but a shovel goes a long way. It's really about making the player think that I want to bring to the forefront.

<Pinback> And finally, how long do you think that Project Safan will be in production for?

<azz0r> ouch, not sure...were kind of aiming for a beta at least by this time next that point we will start production on multiplayer if everyone goes smoothly and then release a final product. I'd say January 2005 for a total finish.

<Pinback> Ok so that's it! Thank you, BadBruzer and azz0r for doing this interview!

<azz0r> Thanks to you too! :D

azz0r made me answer his own question, and then forced me to add it into the end of the interview as, what he calls, "humor":

<azz0r> Ok Ill ask you a question

<azz0r> How long ago was it since you last got laid?

<Pinback> never, dude, I'm 13!!

<Pinback> hahaha

<azz0r> age is no excuse, be a man and go get yourself a 13 year old hoe with a man chest!

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