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An interview with Gabe Newell
hl2c_articles - We were fortunate enought to score an interview with Gabe Newell from Valve | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 26th 03 07:09 AM
Gabe Newell Himself was able to take time out of his busy schedule, to answer a couple of questions for hl2central. As you can imagine i was thrilled to have such an opportunity and to correspond with the guy behind the game that will comsume the lives of some many.

[HL2Central] In light of the huge success of 'Team Fortress Classic', and the arrival of counter-strike, have their been any adaptations/modifications to the concept of TF2 to accomadate the large community TFC holds?

[Gabe Newell]

Yes. We've learned a lot from both TFC and Counter-Strike that has affected the design of TF 2.

[HL2Central] One thing on the minds of the clanning and pubbing community is bunnyhopping, will this unrealistic movement feature in hl's multiplayer, if it will, is there a way to disable it?

[Gabe Newell]
We don't particularly like bunny-hopping.

[HL2Central] One of the more popular of "half-life" multiplayer features was the ability to spray a decal on the wall, a feature so popular many third-part applications were formed to produce multi-coloured logos, such as wally and hlc. Will these sprays return, and have you implemented more support for multi-colour?

[Gabe Newell]
Yes. You can create your own material, which will be much more flexible.

[HL2Central] On the subject of vehicle support the community is eager to know whether valve have implemented support for 3 axes, to enable for aircraft?

[Gabe Newell]
You can do it, but we won't have it in HL-2. It's not a technical limitation - it's a design decision.

[HL2Central] There has much speculation over the years as to the gman's identity, are you able to comment on whether or not the gman is an alien. The major point of origin for this query is the Nihilanth in the original half-life saying, and i quote "You are man... he is not man... for you he waits... for you..."

[Gabe Newell]
You will learn more about the G-Man in HL-2.

[HL2Central] Watching your E3 Demonstration, the fans have noticed a distinct lack of Alien armoury, in the original half-life 'alien' weapons such as the hand-hive and snark were readily available. Will we have access in the game to weapons of alien technology?

[Gabe Newell]

[HL2Central] To the suprise of many, hl did include an extensive music list, this music dramatically added to the atmosphere of the game, will hl2 include music and will the same artist(s) be creating it?

[Gabe Newell]
Yep. Kelly's doing all of the sound effects and music again. He's a stud.

[HL2Central] Will hl2 come with support for playing mp3's within the game?

[Gabe Newell]
I don't think we will do it. We support MP3 playback, but not user selectable music in-game (e.g. a UI for setting up playlists). It would be an easy MOD.

[HL2Central] Will half-life2 comes with a light-version of softimage|xsi?

[Gabe Newell]

[HL2Central] Will there be any european mod-expo's to accomadate those, who perhaps cant make it to the USA?

[Gabe Newell]
Probably. We don't have a schedule yet.

[HL2Central] Will the ballistics of bullets be realistic in terms of arc of fire, ricochets, range/wind affects trajectory, etc?

[Gabe Newell]
We prototyped it, but it doesn't fit into the game design. You need a different game to make those kinds of things fun.

[HL2Central] In the E3 videos, some fans have noticed some parts of the geometry and NPC's have 'clipping' (where once piece of geometry passes through another, which would not usually happen in the real world) problems, was this due to the fact that what was shown was an early beta, and has this problem been resolved since then?

[Gabe Newell]
Interpenetration is a bad thing.

Thank you, and best of luck with the game release.

[Gabe Newell] Thanks to everyone at HL2Central.Net

Questions which unfortunatly remained unanswered were:

[HL2Central] We already know player polycount will be approximately 5000, but could you estimate for us the polycounts for weapons, vehicles and map models, because im sure as you know, even at this early stage the mods on the scene are pumping out models to an unknown specification.

[HL2Central] Can you briefly describe any other player customisation available, in the original multi-player we were able to choose a skin, this lead to many people in the 32player arenas to have an identical appearance, will we be able to choose for example faces this time round?

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