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An Interview with Parallel Future
hl2c_articles - We Interviewed LordM, Skorc and Gemini from the upcoming TC Parallel Future | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 27th 03 02:40 AM
We were fortunate enough to speak to the recently converted mod Pfuture (Previously UT2K3). Of which we did a joint inteview with three of their members

LordM: Team Founder, Team/Project Co-leader, Level Designer, 3d Artist

Skorc: Team/Project Leader, Concept Writer, Level Designer, 3d Artist

Gemini Technical Expert, Level Designer

1.)Where did the inspiration for Parallel Future?

Skorc: Well I loved playing the Fallout series. So I came up with the idea to create a game in a similar environment. Everyone liked the idea so we started working on it.

2.)For those viewers who haven't been tracking ut2k3 mods/seen your website. Could you sum up in a few words your storyline

Gemini Well, we wanted to put our story in a post-apocalyptic environment, so we tailored a story around that - it is placed in around 2050, in the war-torn Central and North America. The result is a clash between United Militia, the remnants of the US Army, or the Fuerzas Expedicionarias (Expeditionary Forces), whose mission is highly suspicous even to its own troops.

3.)Tell us about your team, how did everything began?

LordM: The official team-name is G-LaB (Games Laboratory), that's what we were from the begining. Hope that someday there will be a ™ sign attached to it. We are all from Slovenia (that's a small country in Europe), for now, there isn't anyone outside her borders. :) In the begining, Me and Dr.Smash came up with the idea to make a UT2003 mod. A few days after we started talking, Chupa_Chups joined us as the webmaster. Well, we still needed a much biger team than that, so Chupa told me of a site (, where all sorts of Slovenian artists gather, show their achievements, etc. so naturally I went there and wrote a post about this. There is where I found Skorc and almost all of our members. Most of the team knows each other in person and that's really an advantage. Because Slovenia is small, it's quite easier to make a live meeting which we are planing in the near future.
That's probably all you want to hear about our team, hehe.

4.)In light of Valve revealing this time round the chances of a mod going retail are much greater, would this be something your team would consider?

LordM: Sure, we thought about that even before we switched the engine from UT2003. Maybe, if we make a good enough mod for the world, this will become a reality. After this big project we will stick together and make something different so it would be good to have some support in that kind of way.

Skorc: Going retail would be a big success and honor for us and for any other mod team. Giving good mods a chance to go retail is a very noble action from Valve.

5.)What made you feel the necessary switch to the source engine, and can we expect to see any content on either the hl1 or ut2k3 engine, before the hl2 release?

LordM: Like the most of the new HL2 mod teams, we saw the videos from E3 and were surprised. The engine looked 100 times more appropriate for our goals than UT2k3's so it eventualy came to us - Why don't we change the source engine? Then we could do some stuff that was almost impossible in the old engine.

Gemini We are considering to release a UT2k3 deathmatch mod, but a decision has not yet been made.

6.)Will parallel future be singleplayer, multipalyer or both?

LordM: PF will probably be both. We'll make the MP at first and then the SP, if the MP will be interresting to public.

Skorc: Because of the main storyline, Parallel Future can have a good and original singleplayer. The team had many internal debates about how singleplayer would look like and we have even built a small concept plan for the singleplayer. But have came to a conclusion, that with our resources, the development of a good singleplayer is too big for us, so we are leaving it for the end. Currently we are focusing on multiplayer. After all gameplay is very important, and the best way to test it is through multiplayer.

7.)How have you envisioned weapon obtain to be? (purchase, pickup etc)

Gemini The player will start with some basic eqiupment and will be able to buy some weapons at his spawn point. Besides that, weapons will also be placed around the map, some hidden. Another unique feature is air support: every 2 or so minutes, a cargo plane will fly across the map and drop some crates, which will contain various items - equipment, weapons or even vehicles. We are also planning tu include NPC dealers, who will provide even more variety to your arsenal. Money will be earned by frags, completing objectives or selling equipment, even to your teammates. In short, loot or buy.

8.)What sort of gameplay can we expect from multiplayer (tdm, coop etc)?

LordM: In brief, the modes will more or less be as folows: Assasination (one of the players is a VIP, one team must escort him, the other must assasin him), Destroy (one team must destroy an object/building/etc., the other one must secure it), Conquest (both teams have the mission to obtain control over the most objects placed on the map (like buildings and such), best team wins), Steal (similar to Destroy, but here you have to obtain an object and bring it to a safe location) and the last - Oil Wars (an unique gametype, it will be similar to Conquest, althoug if you capture an Oil Well, you will receve bonus cash in time).

Gemini The game will feature a team deathmatch-roundmatch hybrid. Basically, players will spawn several times each round - but only in teams (if there are enough players). It goes by this principle: at any given time, there is more than one third of the team alive. When the percentage falls below this mark, another third of the team respawns. This way we can ensure a more coherent teamplay. Another thing is that maps will have multiple objectives, for instance a map will have conquest as a primary objective or stealing an object or two as a secondary objective. Besides that, the maps will be mostly combined open-urban and situated in a deserted and war-torn North and Central America. The ambient will be based on a post-apocalyptic world, where independent communities thrive in their towns or hidden cities, which spawned from pre-war shelters.

9.)It is known that half-life2 will support an extensive vehicle code, how is your mod planning to optimise this?

LordM: Yeah, we'll have vehicles. Probably jeeps, maybe some tanks and similar. The maps ought to be quite big so transportation will be an important issue.

Gemini Vehicles will be used as player and equipment transportation and or as figting machines. However, we will make sure that you can also play the game on foot, since vehicles will not be overpowered.

10.)Is your team currently looking for new recruits, and where can people apply to join the team?

LordM: Well we are almost filed up to the top (there are 22 of us) so we will only take very talented people. But yeah, we have some more holes in the team, probably the animation is what we need for now. But if someone is really good, we'll certainly take him. :)

11.)Can we expect to see much gore in your mod (blood, gibs etc)?

LordM: We'll, we wont be exaggerating with gore, we'll show it how it really is. Gore isn't the most importaint matter to us, we haven't thought about this until now. The game has to be playable, not gruesome. :)

12.)Is your team planning to encourage the setting up of leagues/custom mapping of your mod when you release?

LordM: If there will be interrests on that, sure, why not? It would be great to se people making custom maps for the mod. We will also supply the .fgd (or the equivalent of it) and post tutorials on our mapping style.

Skorc: Building strong community is important for us. Just like mods extend lifetime of games like Half-Life or Ut2k3, mapping and ladders make mods more popular and thus extend their lifetime. That's why we will be very happy if people will contribute to our mod and make maps and ladders for it.

13.)Is there one particular feature you feel will make your mod stand out from the rest?

Skorc: I believe that I can actually name two: player interaction and air support. With player interaction and a fluid economy we can make the world more than just a battlefield and air support provides even more tactical possibilites.

14.)Other than your own tc, which mod is currently your favourite?

LordM: My fave for now is Project Safan. I talked with a few team-members and think that they can produce a super horror mod, if they find some talented people. I realy wish them luck because they have good chancef of producing something realy great for the public.

Hl2central would like to thank you for participating and wish you best of luck in the future.

All: Thank you.

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