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An interview with ChaosOps
hl2c_articles - Blammo and Icecube from chaosops were kind enough to allow us to interview them, it prooves for an interesting read. | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 24th 03 04:23 PM
We interviewed Blammo and Icecube, both regulars of hl2central on their upcoming mod " chaosops Be sure to check out their new site.

1) What inspired you to create the mod?

Its hard to pin down the exact reasong for why wanted to start ChaosOps.

I quitted playing CS a couple of months ago because of the totally wacked community.
There's been too much fuss around it I think and they havent implemented one
single new innovative feature for the last 18 months or so. After that i started
playing Firearms for a while. It is a step in the right direction but i didnt
quite like how the recoil/accuracy thing was balanced and as valve announced
that there wouldnt be multiplayer coop mod bundled in the package, i decided
to create a project on my own.

2)Could you briefly sum up your mods storyline

This mod based upon a "what if" kind of scenario. The world is a few
years ahead in time, and there are major social-political riots in public. Anarchistic,
Red and muslim terrorist factions from all over the world are gathered under
the same purpose, to destroy the ability of western countries to act as international
police. After decades of imperialistic foreign policy acts, the powerful america
have become a symbol of greed and overwealth by many. Arabic/Muslims imposes
a holy war against the US and their allies and by them stand many powerful and
well funded terrorist organizations as well as armies of individuals who are
sick and tired of the situatation. In a war like this, where terrorist factions
recruit openly in public and where private idealistic sponors funds the warfare
against the western world, only the side who can organize a campaign of power
and precision into the other sides ability to strike. Shall democracy stand
any chance, armed elite forces must strike hard and quick into the centers of
command of the opposition. On the other hand, the militia is keeping the west
under an iron fist, using any aid to improve their situation; such as taking
hostages, bombings and assasinations of key-individuals.

In the end this game is based on actions that could have happend, and that might
with al these continous imperialistic actions by bush and many others, there
is only a question of who topples the glass of water, before

3)Will we be able to experience both multiplayer and singplayer gamemodes?

No, there will only be a multiplayer mode as far as we have planned.

4)How large is the current team, and do you feel you work well together?

We are currently 3 developers working on this mod, and so far we have only worked
through the concept. There are some discussions right now on how to implement
certain features, but overall we have worked together quite well. But we have
come to a stage of the development where we feel that in order to get somewhere
well have to work on the visuals of the game. Ie, we need modellers.

5)With the exception of your own, what is your favourite tc?

My favourite mod has got to be FireArms. Firearms have managed do very much
for ingame realism, unfortunately, the development of it has come to small halt
a bit the last few months.

6a)What sort of vehicles, if any, can we expect to see from your mod?

We are currently discussing that part, but so far, we are expecting this mod
to become a mod based on urban special-op-warfare, not conventional wars like
bf1942 and its mods.

It will therefore be decided upon each map what vehicles which will be released
to each team. On some maps either team will be able to rapell down from helicopters,
on some others your team will be issued with a humvee or an armored bradley,
all depending on the nature of situation.

On the back of the humvee, and the chopper, it is likely tha we will place a
machine gun, that can be operated while driving,

6b) What special features if any, will be done in this mod that hasnt been
done in any mod before?

The most important thing about this mod that will separate this mod from any
other is the system of teamplay. You will get points for cooperational achievements,
such as action that can only be performed by several ppl at the same time. And
those who decide to play as loners, will perhaps make a decent score, but will
lack many points needed to unlock bigger and better guns, skills and armor,
so that teamplay and tactical will be ensured

This will hopefully eliminate a big deal of the deathmatch whoring.

Secondly,we'll implement fireteams and squads. We will implement a feature that
will inprove your accuracy and morale when you run close to others. So that
more ppl running together will improve all's morale andresulting in boosts.
So that only the team that manages to stick together will be the most effective.
Then, the tactics will kick in.Youll have to decide how many youll want to send out in each team in order for each team to be effective

7)Do you plan to release any content on the hl1 engine, prior to hl2 release?

We might do some light testing of the gameplay engine on the hl1 engine, but
doubt it. This mod is primarily intended for the the HL2 SDK but the HL1 engine
has some restrictions that we cant work around.

8)How should a modder go about contacting you if they wish to join your team?

They can either send us a mail to :,

or they can also contact us by meeting us in our IRC channel, #chaos-ops at gamesnet.
You can also contact us via our forums:

We are in need of modellers, skinners and mappers, and generally 2dartists who can work on concept art. If you are interested, please
feel free to contact us. We will specificly need a lot of modellers because
of the vast array of weapons in ChaosOps. Basically if you have a good idea,
contact us.

9)With the increased ease valve claims a mod will be able to go retail, would
your team consider it?

It will be concidered if we see that this mod has what it takes to go retail.
On the other hand, look at what happend with CS. It grew out hands and the community
of it, is way too big.
But in either way. Going retail is a decision far ahead of us in time. At the
current stage of development, it dont even make sense to think about as there
is too much left to build before this mod is fully operational.

10)When the mod is completed, what sort of additions can we expect to see?

So far we have planned a completely reworked combat system where you can expect
to be able to more movements than any hl mod has done before, You will be able
to to rolls, side-leans, dives, and if we manage to program it, take human shields,
whcih will add a another dimension to sneak-and-kill gameplay. Another thing
is the enourmous weapons and gear arsenal. Youll find weapons from basically
every country that has some armory to offer. With some skills, you might even
be able to fight without weapons at all, using only fists, elbows knees and

But the main thing that we are concerned about, is not placing players in booths, as some games do by creating classes, where you are either are an assault, medic or some other charchter. Instead we will make a framework where players first, choose what type of weapons thyed like to play with, then they can choose between a vast array of skills & abilites in order to customize their charchter.

11)Will you be accepting submissions for public beta-testers closer to the
release or will it remain in-house testing?

We'll have to do a vote on that. But we believe that we will accept beta testers
before the final release to be able to work on problems that the in-house alpha
testers werent able to see.

I would like to thank you on behalf of hl2central for taking the time to answer
our questions, we wish you the best of success in the future and hope to hear
from you soon.

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