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An interview with blast radius
hl2c_articles - We catch up with Quasar leader of the mod 'blast radius' (formally fbi mod) to question him on the mod | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 24th 03 12:17 PM
In what appears to be an interview marathon for hl2, hl2central was able to interview the upcoming mod for hl2 'blast radius'(formally fbi mod)

HL2C: What inspired the creation of blast radius?

Quasar: well, we were originally a HL1 mod called FBI. We decided that we hated
the storyline and set about creating a new one for HL2. So a couple of us sat down and
thought the whole thing up.

Quasar: That and a few Bond films

HL2C: So the migration from the FBI name was due solely to a change of plot?

Quasar: yes, more or less

HL2C: Can we expect a website in the near future from blast radius?

Quasar: hopefully, our webmaster is going through some "parent troubles" to put it
mildly, but he should be sorted out soon.

HL2C: Would your mod consider going retail, if the opportunity was there?

Quasar: that's a tough one. If the opportunity arose then the decision would have
to be a team decision, we'd have a vote on it. I can't speak for everyone, but i'd be
voting yes!

HL2C: Its been said that hammer1 maps can be directly converted to hammer2 maps, is this an approach you wish to take? or will you start from scratch in hammer2?

Quasar: I myself won't be converting any maps, I'd prefer to wait for the new tools and work from there.

Quasar: Other team mappers may have other methods, I've no problem with that.

HL2C: Could you summarise blast radius' storyline for us

Quasar: I don't want to give too much away, but in a nutshell it involves nuclear
weapons, and the disarming of said nuclear weapons.

HL2C: When your mod is released can we expect to see both singleplayer and

Quasar: Definitely, although we'll be concentrating on single player, the multi
player element is important to us. You can expect to see various deathmatch modes and
hopefully some kind of co-op system, playing through single-player maps as a team.

HL2C: How realistic do you invision your mod? can we for example look forward to realistic bleeding?

Quasar: I don't want anything 18 rated, but there will be blood effects. The
Half-Life 2 engine should be able to handle the rest of our realism needs!

HL2C: Is blast radius' currently seeking more team members?

Quasar: Any help anyone wants to give is greatly appreciated, a few more mappers,
modellers and coders would certainly help.

HL2C: What steps should someone take applying for such a position

Quasar: By contacting myself or another team member with an example of previous
work or some other proof that they can work well. All applications will be considered.

HL2C: How will a player in your mod obtain weapons, and will you have a
class based system?

Quasar: Weapons will be obtained from dead enemies or "armouries" where
weapons/ammo are stored.

HL2C: Are there any features in specific you feel will make your mod stand

Quasar: We're hoping there will be no need for a feature or "gimmick" as I call
them to make the mod great.

HL2C: Will your mod feature any vehicles?

Quasar: There will be at least one (highly secret) player controllable vehicle in
Blast Radius.

HL2C: Other than your own TC, which mod is currently your favourite?

Quasar: The HL2 mod I'm most looking forward to is Stargate SGC, as I'm a huge fan
of the Stargate series. Other than that it's got to be Natural Selection for HL1, as
it's so atmospheric.

HL2C: hl2central would like to thank you for taking the time to
participate in this interview and wish you the best of luck with your mod

Quasar: Thanks :)

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