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An interview with Hacked-Zone
hl2c_articles - We were able to get in touch with 'admin' from hacked-zone to answer some of our questions on the mod. | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 24th 03 07:48 AM
We had the pleasure of interviewing 'admin' from Hacked-zone

Hl2c: Where did the inspiration for your mod originate?

Admin: Well I have played a lot of mods over the years such as Natural selection , Counter-strike , Esf , BattleGrounds and DOD whilst they are all good in themselves, I wanted a mod which that could combine the good points of each mod and bring them into one.

Hl2c: For those yet to visit your site, could you describe briefly your

Admin: The mod is about a team of Hackers who exploit security
vulnerabilities in Bank’s security systems to thieve money. A S.W.A.T team alerted
to the rapidly decreasing funds of local banks, was able to trace the Hackers
as they attempted to commit yet another robbery. You play as a hacker or a member
of the Swat team. There Is no escape, only one team can survive as you fight
to the death.

Hl2c: Can we expect to see both singleplayer and multiplayer or will you
be focussing on one in particular?

Admin: Yes and No, in the initial alpha we will be exclusively
Multiplayer featuring a large map for training allowing users to get used to
The controls and features of H-Z

Hl2c: How large is your current team, and do you feel this will put you
at an advantage?

Admin: I believe I have an excellent team they are and hard-working
, most of all they enjoy themselves. We are still in need of a Skinmapper and
possibly an animator. On a coding front we’re fine, though wouldn’t turn down
help :)

Hl2c: Can we expect to see your mod taking advantage of Valve's vehicle

Admin: In the first 2 stages of the mod there will be no Vehicle
support however as the mod expands and we increase in team size we will add

Hl2c: Are you still looking for team members, if so how would you recommend
a potential modeller should go about contacting you?

Admin: We are still looking for Team specifically an animator
and a skin-mapper, an additional coder wouldn’t go a miss. Applicants should
email if they wish to join.

Hl2c: Do you plan to release any content on the hl1 engine?

Admin:After we have released a version on Half-life2 we are
considering releasing a port for Half-life1 since many will still play on the
old engine, there is still some time to that event, so I am yet to be concerned

Hl2c: What gamemodes can we expect to see in multiplayer?

Admin: For Alpha 1.0 and Alpha 1.1 expect to see only Team
Deathmatch but as we move on we plan to have at least 5 Gamemodes :)

Hl2c: Would your mod consider going retail if the option was there?

Admin: My team comes first, if they decide its not in our best
interests or are negligent, we will not jump on the bandwagon to go retail and
carry on as normal :)

Hl2c: How do you plan to keep your mod fresh after completion, can we expect
to see more than bug fixes?

Admin: No mod is perfect, we aim to initially clean up Glitches
and bugs in the coding of both the hl2 and hl1 port, we may add new content
at a later date.

Hl2c: Other than your own, what is currently your favourite mod?

Admin: My favourites are Natural Selection , Esf and Counter-strike

Fragspaz: Counter-strike All the way

Mitlancer Natural Selection or Day of Defeat, they are really good Mods

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