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An Interview with Citizen 132
hl2c_articles - For my second interview of the day i got in contact with the_s-man from Citizen 132, an upcoming single player mod for hl2 | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 23rd 03 11:40 AM
For my second interview of the day i was able to get ahold of the_s-man from the upcoming single-player mod Citizen 132 If only it was this easy to get a hold of valve :-/

(Psycho_byte) Where did the inspiration for the Citizen-132 storyline come from, are you or any of your production team fanatic skiers?

(the_s-man) I met an interesting person named Alf-Life, a former PHL staff writer, and he and I were discussing the mod I was leading back then, Desert Disaster, another SinglePlayer TC. He and I decided that we needed a better storyline, so we tried to find a good setting, which would be scary. I have been skiing since I was three, and I have always loved to be in the mountains. My co-leader, Daan, loves snowboarding.

(Psycho_byte) For those yet to hear about Citizen-132 could you briefly sum up your storyline.

(the_s-man) Citizen-132 is a creepy singleplayer total conversion for Half-Life 2. It takes place in the high Alps of France, in a small skiing resort town called Le Berne. Le Berne, the average tourist village has had an interesting, but secret past. Even to people who have lived in the town all their lives, some of the activity that takes place within the town's borders, remains hidden to the eyes of the inhabitants.

(the_s-man) Through much research into the field of the human body, ex-government scientists and researches may have unlocked the key to human adrenaline. Jack Newell, your average American tourist, and his wife, happen to be in Le Berne at just the wrong time. Forced into the prisons of the ex-government agents, Jack must escape before he too becomes a Citizen.

(Psycho_byte) Can we expect to see both multi-player and single-player gameplays from Citizen-132 or have you decided to focus specifically on single player

(the_s-man) From the start, Alf-Life and I decided that we would focus completely on creating a great Single Player Experience. I am a huge fan of a good single player experience, so I decided that we would only have a Single Player version, and put our full effort into that.

(Psycho_byte) Citizen 132 has recently had two extensive media updates, what sort of goodies can we expect from the third?

(the_s-man) The first two Media Releases focused primarily on the Map Screenshots and the Weapon Models. The third media release will include some environmental screenshots, like how we will create the mountains of Le Berne. Also there will be some early shots of the wife's character.

(Psycho_byte) Would your team consider going retail?

(the_s-man) Heh, funny you ask that. Daan and I have always wanted to have a proffessional game, and the rest of the team fully agrees. We would go retail in a heartbeat, but we would want to remain in control of the changes to our game, or as the Gettysburg team put it, we wouldn't want someone to ruin what we had worked on for so long.

(Psycho_byte) When the game is completed, what kind of additions can we expect? New maps, new weapons or just bug fixes.

(the_s-man) In a Single Player game, usually what is released is what is going to be it. We have a bunch of Systems (which I can't elaborate on right now), that will probably be added to the mod at a later time. These systems would promote players to go through again, and see what our new feature has created, and of course we will fix our bugs.

(Psycho_byte) As you may be aware valve has implemented extensive vehicle coding into hl2, what kind of vehicles can we look forward to seeing in Citizen 132?

• Psycho_byte wants a shiny snowmobile

(the_s-man) That is a good point to bring up because as you can see, our story begins with with a car seen. For our original version, we decided that the character will be in a scripted scene, watching the car being driven, but now with HL2, the player will drive the car his/herself. Also, there will be many other vehicles like skis, snowboards, and maybe even snowmobiles.

(Psycho_byte) Do you plan to release any content/teasers on the original hl engine, before hl2 becomes available?

(the_s-man) YES! We will be releasing a ton of stuff before hand. Plan on seeing a playable HL1 demo in late August, as well as a gameplay movie before that. We also have one more thing in the works, but it needs to get started before I say anything about it :).

(Psycho_byte) What steps should people take if they are interested in joining the Citizen 132 team?

(the_s-man) We will take people with any skill. Always great to have lots of people working on the mod. What we are in desperate need of right now is a coder, and a texture artist. Our coder recently had to leave us due to school problems, so we are in dire need of one. If you are interested, send me some examples of your work and a brief description of your experience (former mods, etc.) to

(Psycho_byte) Can we expect to see some decent gore in the game?

(the_s-man) If HL2 allows it, expect to see some very decent gore. We'd like to take full advantage to make the mod look as realistic as possible.

(Psycho_byte) Other than your own mod, which tc would you consider to be your favourite and why?

(the_s-man) I'd have to put that in two categories. One would be my favorite Single Player, and the other, my favorite Multiplayer. My favorite Single Player, is without a doubt, the They Hunger trilogy. I played it countless times, and I must admit, playing it alone at 3 AM really freaks me out. My favorite Multiplayer TC would be Day of Defeat. I love WW2, and having played the other surge of WW2 games, Day of Defeat is by far the closest you get

(Psycho_byte) I would like to thank you on behalf of my team for participating in this interview, we wish you the best of luck and, and hope to catch up with you again as release draws closer

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