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An interview with Gettysburg
hl2c_articles - I had the opportunity to interview Fork from the upcoming mod Gettysburg, he was able to give us quite an in depth insight into the project. It appears to be a very promising mod and i hope we hear more from them as we draw closer to hl2. | Posted by Psycho_byte on Jun 23rd 03 07:49 AM
We managed to secure an interview with the popular mod Gettysburg, heres what they had to say:

Question 1

Where did the inspiration for your mod come from?

Well, a long long long time ago, coming up to 3 years now, Gettysburg, then called Carbine, was being run by some young guys who had no idea about the civil war and the actual history of it. I joined as the co-leader and turned it into the ideas and concepts it is today. The leader then left, and I took over. I guess ever since then, there has been major inspiration to get the history of the Civil War right so people can go back to the bloody times with great detail of what it was actuly like.

Question 2

Will your mod focus on the single or multiplayer aspects of half-life2?

At first, multiplayer, but there are ideas and concepts for single player. More of those will become public soon after Half-Life 2 is released.

Question 3

How large is your current production team at the moment, and do you feel you maintain a good production flow?

At the moment we have 14 people in our Team. All are working on something so production is going realy well for a game that isn't released yet. Hopefully we should have some nice screenshots soon of the modeler's work.

Question 4

For those who have yet to visit your website, could you please provide a brief insight into the mods storyline.

Basically, Gettysburg is an American Civil War mod for Half-Life 2. You will be able to do things un-seen in any mod before. Some of those things I can't tell you yet but I'll give you a few things that you can do. Stack dead bodies, use them for cover, loot dead bodies for more equipment, ride horses, shoot cannons and position them, command up to 30 men (AI or Human or BOTH!).

Question 5

Do you intend for patches to be purely a bug-fixing excersise or can we expect a constant stream of new content?

Both actuly. As we move on with new content, we will make the old content better, but I can tell you now, every release will have somthing new in it.

Question 6

As we know from valve's e3 demonstration, half-life2 will feature extensive vehicle support. Will you be taking advantage of this implementation, and what type of vehicles can we expect to see in Gettysburg?

We will be taking full advantage of this feature. We will be having horses, Iron Clads (boats) and probably some Horse drawn wagons ammo carts and cannons which can be un-limbered (set up).

Question 7

As most people are currently aware, the hl2 sdk shalln't be available until august, which aspects of modding are you focussing on untill that point in time?

Modeling mostly. We are working on getting all the weapon models out of the way, as well as map models. We are also working on writing a Public Dev document so you can all see what we have planned for this mod on the HL2 Engine.

Question 8

Is your mod currently in need of staff/team members, if so what are the necessary steps potential members should they take to apply?

We are allways looking for talent and if people wan't to apply, all they have to do is send us their details and examples of their work to

Question 9

How does your mod intend to optimise the new physics system?

I haven't read up much about the new physics engine but I've seen it in action and we plan to use it like it is.

Question 10

Valve has previously mentioned that the chances of a mod going retail are much larger, is this something your team would consider doing?

Well, we would love to do this one day, but we all agree that it would be better for the current Gettysburg team to develop it to what we want it before it gets sold of to some other team to potentionaly 'ruin' what we want for this mod. If the whole GB team could 'go retail' with it, then yes we would do it.

Question 11
Other than your own mod, which tc would you consider to be your favourite and why?

Day of Defeat. It is amazingly accurate and it's so fun to play. Not near as many cheaters as there is in Counter-Strike, so I love it heaps! And I know a few of the DoD guys and they help me out with stuff, so I love them too :D

Hl2central would like to express their gratitude to fork for taking time out of his schedule to participate in this interview :) Dont forget to stop by their homepage: here

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