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An interview with Project Safan
hl2c_articles - We got a chance to speak with BadBruzer, one of the leaders of the Project Safan mod, come read this interview to see what he has to say about what potentially looks like one hell of a modification! | Posted by EL3CTRO on Jun 12th 03 04:01 AM
Psycho_Byte managed to get us an interview with BadBruzer, one of the team members of the upcoming 'Project Safan' mod, it sounds like it's got a long way to go, however it sounds very promising, read on and see for yourself.

HL2C: Can you briefly describe what Project Safan is about, and give our readers an idea of the story?
BadBruzer: Well Project Safan is going to work on giving you the best horrifying experiance compared to any game or modification. Its about a rich man who lives in the town of Boone by the name of Jarrod Stevens and after the defeat of the aliens he comes out of his shelter to investigate and go into town and thats where you start and you will be facing stranded aliens and the "Infected" human forms.

HL2C: What sources of inspiration has the story and the mod drawn upon?
BadBruzer: Most of our inspiration just comes from wanting to produce a horrifying experaince to the gamer and to please the public thats most of our inspriation to make it.

HL2C: Who is/are leading the project and who will be working on your team?
BadBruzer: Azz0r and I run the mod Azz0r's main focus is writing and public relations. I work on the design and member management. Then we have CaptianChair and Johnny Rocket that will be doing the skinning. Sofia is going to be one of our programmers. Biowave, Bad-Company, Jackal, Slash will be doing forms of modeling for us. Jimmayjems,GhoostofYoda, and Donkey 81 will be doing concept art. Our only mapper so far is Pitty and webdesign was done by Evil.

HL2C: If you don't mind, give us a brief list of important features your mod will have that will set it apart from others?
BadBruzer: We plan to make the modification more freelance like your decisions tell how mod story goes. If there is 2 paths maybe one is harder than the other or if you go down one than another your current partner might be killed and there will be more than one way to solve a solution some ways easier than others so it will take some thought.
There will be cinamatics in the mod to help improve the story and explaining every thing that happens. There will also be a wide variety of weapons there will be many world objects you can you to fend yourself with such as coffee cups, cones, ect.. Althought they don't cause any damage they can buy time. There will also be guns and weapons that will be able to carry but to make it hard so you don't get all the ammo you need and can carry 10 large weapons we are adding a system were you will be able to carry either what you body can handle. E.g. 2 big guns (depending on size of guns) 2 sidearms and one melee (depending of size of melee).

HL2C: What do you believe will be the most appealing attribute of your mod, which will make it stand out?
BadBruzer: I think it will be the feeling to it we are planning to make this feel very realistic and make you feel like your inside the game. I know you hear that alot but what we are doing to do this is making no music for the mod only music you will hear is if you turn on a radio or something and only sounds you will hear is scratches on the floor/walls and creeking of the floors and everyday outside sounds giving us the advantage to scare somebody when they least expect it.

HL2C: How much publicity do you need/expect you'll get?
BadBruzer: We are hoping on a lot but we are not really worried about it we leave it to the public to give us publicity. This is our third interview and we haven't shown any of our work except ideas but I think after we start to show our work we will be getting more but we are not mainly focused on publicity but if you want to interview us we will always give one to the public.

HL2C: Are you hiring/do you need new team members? If so, where can our readers go to find out more information about joining the team?
BadBruzer: Yes, we are looking for more help you can get what we need from Positions on there will fill soon so if you think you can help contact us asap because it may be filled.

HL2C: When do you expect to be finished and if the project is successful, do you plan on making updates every now and then to keep the mod fresh?
BadBruzer: We are planning to finish quarter 3 of 2004 . If we make multiplayer which is still in plans we will release update to the multiplayer to keep it fresh but we may make a sequal to the mod but the sequal will be using same multiplayer but with updates.

HL2C: Valve has announced that this time round it will be much easier for a mod to go retail, would you consider releasing a retail version of
BadBruzer: Project Safan?
We will release retail if they like the modification so we are working really hard on using the engine to its fullest.

HL2C: As the project nears completion, will beta testing be an in-house thing, or do you plan to open it up for public beta? If so, where can our readers apply to be a beta tester?
BadBruzer: Well we will open it to a few public beta testers but they will be people we trust. So if they want to beta test they should get to know us and be trustworthy.

Thanks to BadBruzer for taking the time to answer our questions, hopefully we'll see a beta once HL2 is released!

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