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Opinions of an emerging Half-Life 2 community
hl2c_articles - An interview with a few members of the Half-Life 2 community, their thoughts and feeling on what is set to be the best game of this century. | Posted by EL3CTRO on May 28th 03 04:32 PM
Earlier today, I took a little trip to a few of the Half-Life related chats around gamesnet, armed with my 7 questions to get a bit of a view of what the emerging community actually thinks of what we've seen so far of Half-Life 2. Here's what they had to say.


These guys/gals (I didn't bother to ask ;) were kind enough to take part in my little survey, thanks go out to them, and make sure to visit A site that FAWN recommended to me, open soon!

'axelgreese' from #hl2 on

'Nicolai' from the same chat.

'FAWN' from #halflife2 on Gamesnet also.

'Yecti' from #osc on

'KáwZarri' From...... MSN ^_^

Now, onto the good stuff:

Question 1:

What were your first reactions when you heard the news that Half-Life 2 was in development, and that it would be released later this year (keep your answer clean please).


axelgreese: my first reaction was hmm... let me think a sec... "sweet" followed closely by a "cool", I then sent out on a hunt to find the videos

Nicolai: I screamed YAY!!11!1!, finally

FAWN: Suprised, for sure. Although I expected Valve was up to something, I just never figured it would be as great as this.

Yecti: My first reaction was that it was a hoax. I learned about the game on April 1st, and was warry of everything. But after realizing that it was indeed a real project in production, I was enthralled.

KáwZarri: Well, I told my friend "Wow, a new halflife, i wonder what they did with it this time" , he was like, "yeah there will probly be new weapon and stuff" and i was allready thinking what kind of new stuff they will have there, like, i was a bit tired of the marines in the first one, so i was in sort of a neutral opinion there.

Question 2:

From the video footage and the screenshots that are floating around the net, what ally are you most looking forward to fighting with, and similarly, what enemy are you most looking forward to battling?


axelgreese: Barney.. and enemy, ... the blue tentacle thing in sewer scene

Nicolai: well, The ally must be Barney, Alyx doesnt look too usefull and the enemy must be the Strider :D but those combine soldiers seems to be pretty smart

FAWN: I was always a big fan of Barney in the old game (like most people), and he sure looks a lot smarter and more helpful this time around. For the enemy, I'd say the strider. I just can't wait to see that thing in action.

Yecti: I'm not sure I'm good to answer anything about allies. I'm a lamer, and I've never played HL SP all the way through... But giant head-crabs look great still...

KáwZarri: Heh, lol well ally? the G-Man, he really pissed me off in the first times, he was allways like, on the top of buildings, allways on the safe places, and even in opposing force, really really drove me mad sometimes, when i fell to the acid and he didnt :] , err, well about the new enemies, i dont know really, probably not the old monsters, maybe .. i dont know, whatever will look bigger and mean...

Question 3:

The new game will have a lot more freedom in the way of weapons and tactics, what weapon would you most like to see in Half-Life 2? And what weapon out of the ones we've seen so far are you looking forward to using?


axelgreese: probably gonna play with the gravity gun thingy alot, don't really care what weapons they put in aslong as they're fun

Nicolai: I would like to see a heavy assault machine gun, like for example a m60. and that "gravity" gun looks quite interesting

FAWN: There's been some talk about the manipulator (gravity gun) not being included in the final product, and I really hope that doesn't happen. I think they would be a great change for gameplay and just a lot of fun in general.

Yecti: I'm not a fan of overly serious weapons (which is why I flame the hell out of CS), but I'm not going to base a biased opinion out of anything I've seen. But I must say that as an airsoft player my MP5-K is my favorite of all my weapons. So hopefully it will react similarly in the game environment. Some sort of flak weapon would be nice too. UT2k3's weaponry is sex.

KáwZarri: Hah, thats the good stuff part, well, im looking for the light but usefull weapons, not something common though, like the last time they made that charging plasma rifle, where the doc was going all : " Dont charge it too long! it might explode!" then after two seconds there was a boom, and about the new weapons, lol, well i really want to use that gravitylink gun, when you can pick up stuff and throw it at the monsters like, but i doubt ill find it anywhere...

Question 4:

The physics and graphics in the parts of Half-Life 2 that we've seen have been unmatched in a video game until now, and the realness of the whole game opens the doors to lots of possibilities, what kind of mod would you like to see being developed on the new engine that would of probably been impossible/impractical on the original Half-Life engine?


axelgreese: all kinds of possiablties, really looking forward to what they can come up with

Nicolai: well, Ive always liked games where you have to survive in highly hazardious enviorments, so Id like to see a mod where you have to fight your wait out of a bombed nuclear storage building, filled up with toxic waste, muties, and ever-encrumbling enviorments

FAWN: Personally, I'd really like to see a Matrix oriented mod. With the refraction effect of that water (could be used for bullet-time), physics, and vehicles, some really cool things could be done in that aspect.

Yecti: I'm a huge fan of anime mods. I play ESF (Earth's Special Forces) as it is for HL, and I know that games like that, with bending beams, and flight are rather strenuous on an engine. ESF doesn't look bad, but believe me, it doesn't look good either. So if with HL2 something that could have bending, controllable beam weaponry could look as pretty as BFP, I'd be in heaven.

KáwZarri: Hmm... well thats a tough one, i think im really still in this 'shock' from seeing the currnt engine, heh, well ill say i dont have any clue what they could possibly add more, i mean, well, youve seen it, its grand, i didnt really think about that there can possibly something more added in a mod...

Question 5:

Following that question, what the most imaginative and gruesome way you can think of killing scientists in this new incarnation of Half-Life?


axelgreese: umm ... okay... WITH THE CROWBAR TO THE HEAD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL... I don't know throw a rock at him with grav gun?

Nicolai: well, if there was another player involved, that would be ripping him apart by simoultaniously dragging him in each our direction with the "gravity gun", if not, perhaps by burying him under lotsa obstacles

FAWN: Hmm, I think something involving a conveyer belt and a couple of razor blades.

Yecti: Easy. Acidic drips followed by dismemberment. It would be beautiful to see a screaming person have their flesh melted away by an acidic drip, and all at once some great force rips their body to near gibs. But I hope with the power of this engine, we can have something better than gibs. Maybe tiny bits of flesh, and since Gordon wears glasses... Blood... smeared on our screen.

KáwZarri: Hah... well i thought about many ways, i think people should collect these answers and put it in the "100+ ways to kill a scientist" , the best way for me? i like to see nature cruelty on them, like back on opposing force where there was this electricity wire shocking the dead scientist :D

Question 6:

What are your thoughts on HL2 story line, what do you think it will involve? How do you think it will link from the ending of Half-Life 1?


axelgreese: I think it will involve: Guns, Aliens, and possialby lots of shooting and even explosions, I can't wait to see what they come up with, but I'm not gonna hypothesize

Nicolai: ah, it looks fairly great, but Alyx doesnt fit in, I suppose that it will involve Gordon and his companions fighting to free City 17 of its alien invasion or something like that. but im not too sure about the linkage between hl 1 and 2, but it might be that Gordon was given this "mission" by the g-man and his organisation

FAWN: I'd say there's an alternate Xen-like world and they are attacking Earth, and Gordon, with his alliance with the G-Man and his "employers", have to save Earth from the invasion.

Yecti: With the story tying into the fact that Gordon wasn't really given a choice. We're working for some mysterious government. Games like that almost always come out right. I'm hoping that we'll get to have a game that has the speed and ferocity of HL but with a storyline and player involvment like Deus Ex. Nothing better than having to fight alone against a corrupted system that's actually creating the creature's you've fought for so long.

KáwZarri: Well obviously that accident wasnt really an accident, at least thats what i think, im still not so clear about how those things really entered, some people told me through a diffrent dimension, others told me they were microscopic stuff, heck, one dude told me they were aliens, personally, i fully trust the guys back in development to give me at least two weeks of nonstop adrenaline.

Question 7:

Some people have been saying that the Half-Life community will die out and be replaced with the Half-Life 2 community, however the HL2C team have found that the announcement of Half-Life 2 has given us all an urge to play Half-Life (and it's expansions) a lot more now, have you found this to be the same case for you?


axelgreese: not really, although it'll be interesting to see how the release of hl2 affects the original hl1's community

Nicolai: Actually, yeah :D, ive been playing a lot more Half-Life(mods) lately, I had been playing other games for a while but, the announcement of Half-life 2 resparked my interest for half-life :)

FAWN: Quite the opposite actually. I've actually played video games less since I saw the Half-Life 2 videos. I just look at current games and they seems so dated compared to the new technology.

Yecti: Not really. I'm generally a fan of newer games as opposed to nostalgiac relics. When JO came out I played JK once or twice, but then I stopped playing both because JO sucked. I'm hoping that since I never really got into the SP aspect of HL, that I won't be dissapointed by anything with HL2 and will just be happy with the fact that it's a pretty game, that hopefully will have great gameplay.

KáwZarri: Dude, that goes for anything, check out UT2k3, people still play the original UT, and for JK2, people still play Dark Forces 2, this thing never works, so no, a good game allways stays and gets played, even if its ancient.

Well there you have it, seems people have mixed feelings about half life, although one thing is for sure, nobody can wait for September.

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